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We choose to stand up beyond the services by making infinite possibilities. We are here to serve best with our clear vision, fidelity, consistency and sense of responsibility. We strive to build relations and strong bond with customers.

IT Services

Saffran can help your company be successful in delivering a client experience that is nothing short of delightful. Our IT portfolio provides end to end visibility, control, and automation to help today’s IT all operations & services.

We provide professional IT Support and IT Consulting in Japan. With our diverseable and affordable offerings, we can be your IT Department. Our broad range of services offerings is now available in Japan and Pakistan. With today's focus on cloud based computing, you may rightfully be concerened about just where your vital business and customer data is going

Our major services include Security Solutions, Cloud Computing Services and Network design and administration....Download Brochure


We as a Saffran – A leading provider of Automobile & We know the market, keeping in mind the factors influencing the design choice include cost, complexity, reliability, and the vehicle's intended handling characteristics. We promoting the new ideas & provide ease to the consumers.

At Saffran, we will go further to make our cars better for everyone. Our innovation on automobile is at the core of our company.

Our vision is to be the world leader in AutoMobile Industry. Through continous improvements driven by integrity, team work and innovation we will ensure that our products are the best. We dael in all kinds of cars like used and brand new both. Visit www.saffranautos.com

Surgical Instruments

We are working in the field of surgical instruments supplies from many years. We dare to come up to our consumer loyalty through quality, productivity, speediest conveyance on focused prices. We would unquestionably need to help and offer this business development with our client which can clear away towards better understanding and long haul business relations.

We recognize that our first priority is maintaining positive customer relationships. We employ individuals who share our values and we foster a team environment that provides opportunities for career development.

We provide a wide range of surgical products and services that best fulfil our customer's requirements for quality and value.


Company owns independent import and export and has a perfect sales network. For the purpose of win-win business Philosophy Company provides high quality products, quality service and good reputation and provide customers with considerate and professional service.

We have a leading name in the industry of toys manufacturers. We provide with the best material of toys whether it is of plastic or made of cotton and fabric. We deal in all kinds of toys sales and import and export.

Saffran Group dominates in categories including the collectables, craft, dolls and games etc. We are one of the leading companies in import and export of toys including plastic toys, plastic and fabric dolls, plastic bats and rubber balls.

No compromise on quality of our products.

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About Us

We accept challenges, generate opportunities and create innovations

Saffran Group International, which was Initiated in 2007, with the sole purpose of providing the distinctive and remarkable services to the customers. The company started by providing import services of Japanese automobiles whose success later expanded into providing services of diverse range of products. Saffran Group International is highly vigorous in rendering vast array of essentials; IT, automobiles, surgical instruments, stones, and toys in the efficient, effective and coherent manner.

Saffran Group International is best solutions provider for customers.