Inventive and innovative IT solutions

Saffran Group International is a leader in providing inventive and innovative IT solutions to the global asset finance. We facilitate with a platform to show our skills and capabilities by presenting the projects solicited by the business companies and major consulting companies. Its contents range mainly from introduction of core business systems including Open systems, Web systems, Infrastructure, Software and so on.

Based on effective correlation with foreign-affiliated consulting firms, we have received numerous projects related to systems and software development.


We encourage a participatory approach for large scale projects. The fierce competition leads to creativity and innovation. We indulge in such an environment that accelerates productivity and leaves a positive impact on the IT industry of all economies.

Our executives perfectly guide according to the interest and aptitude of the willing person. We promote self-development and correction through the evaluation of their presented projects. Saffran Group International assists each customer with great care and provides them access to achieve their goals and reach their destiny.